This Winter Horse Trade and EXIT Theatre return to bring you a festival that is uncensored, unjuried and totally downtown.

FRIGID Late Night Event

Canuck Cabaret

Hosted by
Paul Hutcheson

@ UNDER St. Marks
94 St. marks Place
between 1st Ave and Ave A



Photos by David Hawe


Midnight on

ticket price
Pay What you Will


Expect The Unexpected.

Seven Evenings.
12 am start time...
Music, Comedy, Character, Dance.
It is going to be a great time.

(And not just because the theatre serves booze)

Canadians Are Warm, Canadians Are Great Guests, Canadians Are F*%#ing Entertaining.

FRIGID new york 2010 Is Proud To Present The

Canuck Cabaret

Hosted By: Paul Hutcheson
Featuring: Sharon Nowlan

Be enthralled by Canadians living in New York,
Be excited by Canadians who have crossed the border to perform,
Be lured by amazing New York artists who have agreed to be honorary "Canucks",
Be held spellbound by 2010 Frigid Performers,

Currently scheduled guests include:
New York Artists:
Sabrina Jalese, Fraser Yonge, Moe Rosen/Mary Crosbie, Kristeen Von Hagen ,Jen Grant, Julien Dionne, Andrew Pifko, Laura Poe, Susan Jeremy

Acts From Canada:
Sharon Nowlan, Jillian Thomas, Sandra Battaglini, Micheline Marchindon, Bobby Knauff, Christina Starr

Pauls show in last year festival,“On Second Thought”, has garnered numerous awards including:
*Honorable Mention:  Best Comedy
Montreal Fringe, 2007
*Sold-Out Award
Orlando Fringe Festival, 2008
*Best Male Comedy
San Francisco Fringe Festival, 2008
*Technicians Choice: Favorite Show
, San Francisco Fringe, 2008
*Volunteer Choice: Favorite Show
*Royal Favorite
New York Frigid, 2009
*Best In Venue
Ottawa Fringe, 2009

Hosted By

Paul Hutcheson is a comedic performer, writer and producer. His first two solo shows The First Time and On Second Thought have toured to 21 theatre festivals. Both shows received rave reviews, sold-out houses and awards in New York, Orlando, Montreal and San Francisco. Hutcheson produces/performs in numerous "comedic" evenings in Toronto. He has produced shows in schools, teacher lounges, storefronts, lofts, studios and even an adult video store. He requires as many people as possible to experience his unique form of queer comedy!
Sharon Nowlan (a.k.a. Prairie Fire) moved from the open sky Canadian Prairies and hasn't looked back. She has been performing burlesque for ten years. Her solo and group shows (Caberlesque) have toured to numerous festivals throughout North America. When "Prairie Fire" is on the bill you are guaranteed a fantastic time!

Jillian Thomas is witty, dirty and aggressive. This Toronto comic and former Christian Rocker tells it like it is...even if you're not ready for it! "She has the face of an Angel and the laugh of the Devil." Joe Flaherty (SCTV, Freaks & Geeks)